Friday, January 13, 2006

Suicide Suicide

SuicideGirls, the biggest altporn website out there, has been having some problems. Go here to see unhappy former models and members talking about it.

It seems that SuicideGirls is not the indie, women-friendly place that it claims itself to be. A model is "archived," or kicked off the site, if they say something bad about SuicideGirls or model for another site. However, their photo sets remain...they, the models, just no longer have access to the site, or their own images. Sounds creepy and fascist to me.

I always suspected something after they had a brief partnership with Playboy.

But, I just brushed it off as something that was no big deal, and applied to be a SuicideGirl. This was before I did some google research, and realized that this was not the kind of site I probably want to be involved with.

Here's the thing: Suicidegirls is committing suicide by kicking girls off the site. It's also said to see this kind of thing arise from something that had so much potential. I know that there's somewhere out there where naked girls and feminism can live in harmony, but it's not here.


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