New and Improved!

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Welcome to the new and improved Feminism Without Clothes!  I’m finally hosting my own blog again, and enjoying the sexiness that is wordpress.  The URL for this blog is (although other pages will now redirect to it), so if you’re going to link to me, that’s the one to use.


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Photograph by Martini, October 2006.

Protected: Here are My Tits/Happy Holidays

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Protected: Saying No

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Pimping(!?) $pread

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Waking Vixen Audacia Ray, who was kind enough to not only send me fan mail when I was just crawling out into the cyberworld of getting naked but meet me for sandwiches in NYC as well, is the executive editor of $pread Magazine. From their mission statement:

$pread is a quarterly, glossy magazine by and for sex workers and those who support their rights. The magazine has a focus on personal experiences and political insights, and contains practical information like news, features, health columns, and resources related to the sex industry. $pread builds community in the sex trade by featuring the honest and diverse perspectives of those who know it best: the women and men who work within this sensationalized, highly stereotyped industry.

However, due to no fault of its own, $pread has fallen upon hard times. Consider visiting $pread’s website and making a donation or buying a subscription.

Photograph by Martini. October 2006.

Photography by Jim Duvall. December, 2006

As promised, two new (and very different) photos of me.

Raunch, Women, and Men.

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In a blog I frequent, the topic regarding empowerment and the rise of raunch culture was brought up. The question “why are women trying to empower themselves by acting like men?” was asked.

My thoughts: what men are these women hanging out with?

I know for a fact that not all men are horny, sex-crazed frat boys who only see women as objects.

I was lucky enough to be raised by one who isn’t. I’ve dated guys who aren’t. I’m seeing one who isn’t. I live with one who isn’t.

I know for a fact they’re out there- I started out with them in my life, and, as I’ve gotten the chance to choose the people in my life, I’ve picked them myself- and most of the time (but not all of the time), I’ve chosen right.

Instead of worrying about whether or not I’m acting like a man, I’d rather fill my life with both men and women whose actions, thoughts, and love I can only hope to even echo.

More on this subject to come.

Photography by Restrained Photo, September 2006.

P.S. Yes, I know it’s a recycled photo. It’s either that or no photo, or no blog entry at all. I’m on the road. Deal with it. I’ll give you two new photos next entry to make up for it, I promise.

Photographer-Model Relationships

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Is it ethical for a photographer to date a model?

In my eyes, it’s morally shaky territory- especially when money changes hands.

Would I, personally, date a photographer? I’m currently in a relationship, so it’s not an issue that’s on the table. But what if I wasn’t involved with someone?

My thoughts on the matter used to be very simple: of course not. It’s a professional relationship. I continued to think this way until I met a couple of photographers that I’d consider dating.

I realized that I wouldn’t be above pursuing a photographer I found attractive. However, the idea of a photographer (especially one that I’m not attracted to) pursuing me is something I find inappropriate.

Is it because the model (usually) is getting paid- making the photographer in a position of power? Is it because nudity tends to be associated with vulnerability? Is it because being female and young tends to be associated with vulnerability?

I’m not sure, but it’s certainly an interesting topic.

Photography by toan thai photography, taken in November, 2006.

P.S. I’m off to NYC for the weekend, where I will be faced with the following dilemma: what in god’s name does one wear to a sex blogger tea party?

Protected: Sex and Photography

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The Best Things in Life…

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In several different threads on modeling messageboards, photographers have raised the question: “how come there aren’t any models who pose just for the love of art?”

Apparently, nude models should be more willing to pose for free just for the sake of creating art. If you pose for monetary compensation, then you’re not a real art model- you don’t have a true love of art.

I thought I’d post my response. For those not in the know, TFP/CD stands for “time for prints/cd,” and means that a model gets paid not in money, but with content for her portfolio.

A good art model deserves to be paid.

One who’s passionate about the photographer’s project and puts her(or his) all into it and helps creates stunning results and is easy to work with deserves to be paid.

If a model will work without monetary compensation, great. I still do a good deal of TFP/CD. My rates are negotiable because I like working with new people and don’t want anyone to have to break the bank. Whether or not I count as a good art model is completely subjective- you’ll have to ask people I’ve worked with.

No one’s forcing anyone here to pay a model. But to imply or state directly that if your main goal for modeling is monetary, you’re not a good model, or doing it for the right reasons, or whatever, is missing the point-

Regardless of their motivations, a good art model is a good art model, and they deserve to be paid.

So, in conclusion: give me money.


Photography by toan thai photography, taken in November, 2006.

Protected: Barely Legal

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My Choices

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A while back I received the following email:

Came across your blog via Sanders McNews’ picture.

Thought I would let you know that I do _not_ appreciate some of the choices you make, but I _do_ appreciate that you think about them both before and after. In the long run, that really is far more important than the choices themselves or others opinion of them.

I think you are off to a good start. Happy trails.

I was puzzled- what choices were he talking about? It couldn’t be the nude modeling in and of itself- Sanders McNew’s work is portraiture, but it’s also nude- I can’t imagine anyone looking at his work in depth while disapproving of it.

Maybe he was talking about the fetish work I’m doing? Still, a long shot, considering this was someone who was looking at nude photos to begin with.

Besides the decision to become a nude model, what choices have I made that I truly discuss in this blog? Could he be talking about my opinions, and what I choose to believe?

Whatever he was talking about, I feel it’s irrelevant.

My choices aren’t his to appreciate- or not appreciate.

Photograph by Sanders McNew. November 2006.

I’m fond of this photograph- there aren’t really any of me that are so simple and straightforward as this one is. I think it’s a side of me that’s rarely seen in photos taken of me.

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