Nudity, Wedding Rings, and Diapers.

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I’m always surprised to learn that other nude models are married and/or have children.  I’m not sure why this is; a lot of people are married, and a lot of people have kids.  Why not nude models?

I think that there are two reasons for my surprise.  The first is that those things are very much not a part of my life, and when I meet someone, either online or off, who does what I do, I unknowingly assume that their lives mirror mine in other ways, too.

The second reason is that, on some level, I’m like a good deal of the rest of the population- I associate nudity with sex.  How could someone so sexual as to take off their clothes on a regular basis for the camera be tied down by marriage and offspring?

Of course, this line of thinking is pure idiocy on my part- for goodness’ sake, I’m a nude model myself.  I know it’s not about uninhibited sexuality that could never be reigned down by a wedding ring; it’s sometimes about having fun, it’s sometimes about making money, and it’s sometimes about both.

It’s amazing to discover that sometimes incorrect stereotypes and assumptions are so deeply rooted in society that even the people they are about believe them.



Melvin Moten, February 2007.

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  1. on 29 Mar 2007 at 6:02 am Eric

    Incidentally, you also seem to hold the stereotype that marriage is incompatible with uninhibited sexuality, that it’s something that “ties you down” and “reigns in” sexuality. There are plenty of swingers, polyamorous types, and sex industry workers who’d disagree with that assessment.

  2. on 29 Mar 2007 at 10:17 am Milla

    Also, there are couples who have been married for a long time (well, I have been married 10 years) who are not swingers or polyamorous types but who in fact enjoy uninhibited sex almost every night :) It’s just the being together, the bodies moving together, the will to experiment and the intimacy which make sex great with my hubby of ten years.

    I like the way you wrote the post, Candy. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you and your wit, and I think it was a very positive thing that you recognised you had wrong assumptions in your mind.

  3. on 29 Mar 2007 at 10:40 am Lin

    Mmm. You are assuming that marriage and kids tie you down. Which they absolutely do not, unless you think that they do.

    Why would you perceive that marriage inhibits sexuality ?
    Don’t buy into the stereotype of “the institution of marriage”.
    Marriage is just a label, a piece of paper, and the real relationship is whatever you and your partner define it to be. A real marriage/relationship is an ongoing learning process that can set you free to realise your full potential.

    As for kids, I see them less as the stereotypical “children”, but more as little people who are your best friends for a while.

    My kids know that I model nude, and are (thankfully) completely uninterested. I’m afraid Gameboys and computer games are way more interesting than the rather gross concept of their mother being photographed with no clothes on.
    Having talked to many other mothers who are also nude models, their kids universally say the same thing.

  4. on 29 Mar 2007 at 8:10 pm marisa

    hu-huh. you said ‘tied down.’ :-p

  5. on 01 Apr 2007 at 4:53 pm Michael

    It has a name - “Presentism”: the all-too-human belief that all persons who’ve ever lived anywhere on the planet live/act/believe like I do. Or in this case, like you do.

    You’ve exhibited the tell-tale signs of Presentism, Candy. Of course Presentism leads to absurdities such as speculations on what video games Thomas Jefferson enjoyed most as a child. But it also leads to no-less-absurd, though not nearly so obvious, assumptions that nude models wouldn’t be married/have children.

    It’s wonderful you recognised the symptoms. Now you have a name for the disease itself!

  6. on 02 Apr 2007 at 7:12 am Moraxian

    Tied down indeed. Hope the trip west was safe and comfortable.

    There is one model I work with somewhat regularly who has 4 kids (not that you could see it from looking at her), and when she shoots with me or with other bondage prodcuers (she does a little bit on the side) she used the money to treat her kids to trips to amusement parks, etc. :)

    I photo’d her in early July last year and she used the $$ to pay for a trip to an amusement park in Western Pa. She’s also a great model and very expressive. I think if more folks knew what she did with the money, she’d definitely get more shoots.

    By the way, your videos and such have been selling really well. I think you’re building up a fan base among my customers. And remind me, I need to add you to Feet In Peril (other than the close-up shot of your tied up feet…)


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