Monday, January 16, 2006

Corset Preview.

I'm planning on writing a long entry about corsets and my love for them- as well as my distaste for their origin and history. In addition, I'll soon be posting some new photographs of myself in a corset. I thought I'd put up a teaser image.

Photography by Chip. January 2006.


maka said...

very interesting and useful blog and amazing pictures
see you

11:45 AM  
Valatan said...

Absolutely wonderful blog. I love the intermixing of insightful political commentary and photos.

2:59 AM  
Candy said...

maka and valatan- thanks for the wonderful comments.

4:08 AM  
jackoprozac said...

great blog! I like this particular view of what is termed pornography, but in this way it's more satisfying. :D

10:58 AM  
regi said...

Wrote a post about you on my blog. Hope you continue your new life and share it with us. I would like to see more of your thoughts, be poetic. Remember the mind is the best "erogenous zone".

6:38 PM  

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