Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Plan B.

I've been debating whether I should write about this in my blog or not- and I decided that if I really want to keep an online journal entitled "Feminism Without Clothes," I should be willing to bare not only my physical self, but, every once in a while, my personal life.

The morning I went with one of my friends to Planned Parenthood, and received emergency contraception because of a contraceptive failure. And, believe me, I AM PISSED.

I'm mad at the people who redefine pregnancy to argue against these pills.

I'm mad at the people who made this pill so damn hard for me to get.

I'm mad at the people who dare to judge me and my actions.

I'm mad at the people who didn't see anything wrong with appointing a male veterinarian to head up the Office of Women's Health of the Food and Drug Administration.

I guess you can probably tell that I'm pretty mad. I should have been able to go into a CVS/pharmacy and get this pill over the counter.

Photography by me, January 2006. Not airbrushed, not photoshopped, but real.


Anonymous said...

I like your shots. You would really know if it is unedited. It is very real. I just wish you would have put more light on top to allow a little shadow and light...

5:11 AM  
Scott said...

Be as political as you want to be!

I come here for both the beauty and creativity of your images ... and I find something deliciously interesting ... or more correctly ... challenging in the tension between feminism and pornography / erotica. I mean there has to be something else ... a middle ground that the no porn pledge doesn't take into account or have room for. And I see this site as part of that middle ground.

9:35 AM  
Candy said...

anon-Thanks. I never actually planned to ever post this picture- it was just a test shot. I was kind of angry(no, you think?) when I wrote this post, and wasn't really taking compostition into account.

Scott-Thanks for the kind words. And don't worry, rabid wolves couldn't stop me from being as political as I want.

ps- the commenting system seems to be a little wonky, so hopefully this time my comment will stick. Please bear with me.

11:56 PM  

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