Sunday, March 26, 2006

Go Daddy.

I’m not sure whether you watched the Superbowl or not- I did, although I fell asleep during part of it. I’m not a big football fan- I remember the ads much, much better. Well, that and the frightening gyrations of Mick Jagger’s pelvis.

One of the more notable ads was Go Daddy’s, featuring a big-bosomed brunette bursting out of her shirt. I know sex sells, but Go Daddy is a web hosting company. Come on. What do large mammaries have anything to do with anything?

Now, here’s the ironic part. Go Daddy doesn’t allow “adult content” on their web pages. A near pornographic ad broadcasted to the world, that’s okay. A little bit of vagina- unacceptable!

How do I know this? Go Daddy is currently my hosting service for all of my websites, even this one and this one. Oops.

See the ad here.

No breasts here.
Photography by Bill; March 2006.


Anonymous said...

you look like a kid in that picture. so how come they havn't taken these sites down, if they don't allow a little bit of vagina?

10:34 AM  
Candy said...

They don't know about the content yet. I don't plan on sharing.

12:13 PM  

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