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The Fokus-Foto Scam: Part 2.

Posted by candyposes on 20 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto

There is a scam in the Richmond, Virginia area involving a photographer who currently goes by “Fokus-Foto;” his real name is Jim.  He either books a gig with you and no-shows, or shoots you and then scrams without paying you.  The Richmond police are well aware of his actions- and who he is- but haven’t done anything about it.  He still does this to models.

He’s done this to a lot- and I mean a lot- of models.  So, how does he keep getting away with it?

There’s an amount of shame involved in admitting to someone that you’re a nude model who gets most of her work online to authorities; you think that people will judge you.  You worry that they’ll think you’re both stupid and a whore for being willing to do things like that on camera.

And, these fears are not entirely unfounded.  If the context was different, I’m guessing that the response would have been different from the police.  But, since it is nude/erotic models that are getting scammed, it puts things in a different and less than flattering light in some people’s eyes.

After all, you’re just a girl who took her clothes off for a stranger for money, right?




Mickle Design Werks, February 2007.

The Fokus-Foto Scam

Posted by candyposes on 19 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto

Last summer, when I first went full-time art modeling, I had a photographer in the Richmond, Virginia area- “Fokus-Foto”- stand me up without a word; it caused me to lose what on my budget is a good deal of money.

When he no-showed on me, I wrote an entry here about it. A couple of months later, I got an email from a girl who had shot with him- he left without giving her any money. When she went down to the police station to report it, they knew of him. Basically, he’s a scam- he either stands you up or takes photos of you and then doesn’t pay you.

He goes through different venues to find models and do this to them; when I noticed that a model on myspace was scheduled to shoot with him, I wrote her to warn her.  She never wrote me back.

That was, until yesterday, when he did the same thing to her.  She also lost money- twice the amount that I did, and it appears that she’s on a budget similar to my own.

When it happened to me, I was pissed.  I posted his phone number and email in this blog.  Later, I felt bad- like I had sunk down to his level, and that I should just get on with things and be the better person.  I removed the personal information about him I had revealed.  At the time, however, I did not know the extent of this scam.

This blog is fairly popular; it’s big enough to be found if you google certain phrases or words.  Now it can be found by the phrase Fokus-Foto.

The photographer’s name is Jim, and he goes by “Fokus-Foto,” among other names.  Models, if you are contacted by him, do not shoot with him.  He’s located near Richmond, Virginia.

He’s good.  He knows the names of the local models and is familiar with various photographers.  He might mention a place where is work is shown, or something else that makes him seem legitimate.  He will be in contact with you by phone and email right up until the very second he no-shows on you; if he shows and takes your photos, he will appear to be the real deal.  But he’ll scram without giving you any money.

If you are contacted by someone who might be this guy, ask for him to put down a deposit or pay for your train ticket and/or hotel room ahead of time.  Ask for the phone numbers, not just emails, of references.

There’s nothing I can really do about it; the money I spent last summer is gone.  I just don’t want it to happen to another person.




David Le Beck, January 2007.

The High Road.

Posted by candyposes on 15 Sep 2006 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto

Recently, I outed a no-show photographer. I posted identifying information, including his email address and phone number.

After some reflection, I’ve decided to edit this information out of my entry regarding this photographer. No, he hasn’t sent me the money that I’ve lost. And I still think that the bastard had it coming.

But…I think that, when it comes to some things, it’s best to take the high road and be the better person.

Even if you’re a little late doing it.


Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

xxx, the no-show photographer.

Posted by candyposes on 07 Sep 2006 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto

As a couple of my previous entries have indicated, I have recently had a run-in with a photographer.

Or, rather, a lack of a run-in. See this entry, and this entry.

I’d write this off as a loss, label it as a “learning experience,” and move on- but I spent over 200 dollars that I couldn’t afford to spend.

And, xxx, if you’re reading this- and I know you are- this email with identifying information isn’t coming down until I receive a money order for $450 in the mail. Considering that the agreed-upon amount was $750, I feel that I’m being more than generous.

You’ve stood up the wrong model and feminist.

From: “xxxxxxxx” (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
To: xxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: model.
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:44:43 +0000


I guess I’ll go ahead and answer this while awaiting to see if the Zip files made it …

I had actually seen some of your work online with Bob Coulter, etc, and thought you’d make a great art model, but I also made a dumb assumption you were a NY area model.
I also read a blog that you have, but it made comments about Canada, but I don’t think I ever read anything about you being in DC.
Anyway … it’s nice to see that you’re somewhat local. :)

I don’t shoot anything for the WWW - I have a gallery in xxxxxxxxxxxxx

It’s not a problem you don’t drive - some models don’t. I’ve used Amtrak many times myself and the fares/rails vary in price from about $50-90 I think it varies upon the actual rail you select or if you use business class. Anyway .. I’ve always offered models $750 for a day shoot which would cover transportation and a hotel room. Usually, as part of the shoot, I’ll shoot a model where she’s staying.

Obviously, I shoot nudes and some erotic content, but I don’t get into the “spread shots” or more adult work. So, we’re on the same page there.

xxxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
A couple of regular models I shoot.




Photography by Simon, July 2006.

My theory.

Posted by candyposes on 30 Aug 2006 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto

I had actually seen some of your work online with Bob Coulter, etc, and thought you’d make a great art model, but I also made a dumb assumption you were a NY area model. I also read a blog that you have, but it made comments about Canada, but I don’t think I ever read anything about you being in DC.

I have a theory about what happened with the no-show photographer.

Usually I screen these things well- this was someone who I was in constant contact with and who was familiar with other local models.

We had exchanged text messages as recently as three hours before I arrived for a day’s worth of shooting.

No one was there. I called repeatedly- no answer. I headed to the hotel via cab- what else could I do? I had to take Amtrak down to the shoot, as I don’t drive.

Why would someone who expressed a good deal of interest in shooting me just not show up?

Like I said, I have a theory. I think he did show up.

I think he saw me get off the train, makeup less and in faded clothes, and decided that I wasn’t worth the money.


Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

Part One of…Two?

Posted by candyposes on 28 Aug 2006 | Tagged as: Fokus-Foto


Like the message I left on your phone said, I’m going to have to require that you mail me a money order for a total of 450 dollars in order to cover transportation, food, and lodging costs, as well as a “cancellation” fee.

I will be giving you ten days in which to do this. My mailing address is:

Somewhere in the dc area.

I expect to receive a money order in the mail no later than Thursday of next week.

I feel that I am being extremely generous with both the amount I’m requiring as well as the ten day grace period in which you have to mail it.

Like I said in the voice mail I left on your phone, my blog, Feminism Without Clothes, receives hundreds of hits every day, many of whom are regular readers.

I will not hesitate to post the details of our emails(all of which I have saved) as well as all of the personal information you have provided me with if you choose to ignore my extremely reasonable request.

-Candy Poses.


Photography by Joshua, June 2006.