Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'll take a six pack of...

It was really refreshing to find this article in the Washington Post health section today. It's an article about something that I've encountered on a personal level- the fact that many of the DC CVS stores lock up their condoms, making you press on a buzzer and then point out to a stranger which item you are planning to put on either your own or your partner's penis.

And it's not only condoms, too. You've never lived until you let an old man know that you need not only a home pregnancy test, but a yeast infection treatment, too.

If I'm suffering from an itchy cunt, the last thing I need is to tell a CVS employee about it. What the hell is this, an anti-vagina policy?

So, I salute you, Washington Post, for letting people know about this. Seriously, CVS, get with it and let us buy the damn condoms with as little ado as possible.

Photography by Al. Taken in March, 2006.


Anonymous said...

That really sucks. Republicans seem to be rolling back every women's right, practically back to the women's suffrage era. How far can they push before they push themselves out of office?

I love the mohawk and the outdoor photos. I hope you get to take more of them. It's getting warmer outside.

10:16 PM  
Candy said...

They keep the condoms under lock and key because they're supposedly high theft items- the article raises a lot of intersting points. And don't worry, I will be both taking and posting more outside photos.

8:41 PM  
marketman_az said...

Very interesting mindset you have..

5:54 PM  

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