Monday, May 08, 2006

Feminism...without clothes?

I find myself wondering where this blog, and I, myself, fit in. There seems to be a whole sphere of feminist blogs- and then an entirely different one in which sex blogs live. There are very, very few blogs that intersect both those worlds. I think that Susie Bright's blog is a perfect example.

Should I continue to put the effort that I have previously in my articles. How many people really read them? I'd like to get more exposure, but can I really expect porn blogs or feminist blogs to feel comfortable linking to a spot like this?

Ah, forget about it. Whether you've come to read up on current feminist theory, appreciate nude art photography, jerk off, or any combination of the above, you've come to the right place. Enjoy your stay.

Photograph by Gary. November 2005.


Brendan said...

Well, let me just say this:

I'm probably not the only one who finds an artistic figure model more compelling when I have some sense of the personality of the model.

I'm sure it's not much comfort when you have other stresses in your life and maintaining this place can be a drain on your energy.

11:02 PM  
Sharif said...

Your blurring of the, uh, "genre distinctions" of sex and feminist blogs sets you apart; hybrid and genre-blending art is the thing of the future, im tellin ya. And your feminist commentary is written clearly and persuasively, you earn respect, but I have to admit I wish your feminist writings were a bit more FROM you rather than a mish-mash or reaction to feminist ideas many are already familiar with. Camille Paglia is a daring feminist author I admire for her bold new ideas or new fresh spins on old ideas.. I'd love to see u put something like that forth. Oh, and you're knee-weakeningly gorgeous. I'm going to cast u in an art film one day.

11:16 PM  
Candy said...

Brendan and Sharif- thanks for the kind words.

Sharif- Have you ever tried to come up with new thoughts? It's actually really, really hard. I'm working on it.

12:32 AM  
Sharif said...

Sure I have, Candy. I'm doing some work now that's a bit controversial to some: art film exploring the gray ethics of a young woman seducing a mentally retarded older man out of compassion and what she feels is an act of mercy, not rape or exploitation; others about the Palestinian resistance to oppression.. Anyway you're fighting the good fight, and i consider your menstrual blood site pure taboo art, i love it.. hope u dont hate me..

3:33 AM  
Regi said...

I get tired of posting things on my blogs too and it seems pointless without reader feedback. I wonder if you should have just one blog and talk about what ever is on your mind. To hell with goals live in the moment.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

I say continue with all of your work. The more you do, explore the better you will become at it.
I'm in the TV production arena and it takes years for something to catch on. Persevere and things
will (well maybe not) work out. All you can hope is that you are a better person for it.

Good luck and keep shooting. You’re gorgeous


7:56 AM  
Daniel said...

I'm with Anne on this one. The question should, in my mind, not be 'should I continue' but rather 'do I want to continue'. If you enjoy doing this, then by all means, continue regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's your body, your mind, your blog. Do with it what you wish and if people love it, great and if they hate it, great. It's not for THEM that you do this, is it?

5:54 AM  

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