Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My doin' good sundae.

So, I've got some great news in the online world of Candy.

First thing: my online set at won the April I Shot Myself Prize! I'm looking forward to doing another set for that site- I highly recommend it, and not just because it features me naked on it(although that's certainly a valid reason to join).

Second thing: Jane's Guide recently review this blog, and gave it an amazing review. Not only was it rated at "Quality" and "Original," it was also the reviewer's pick! Part of his review:

In this blog Candy is also the model, as the title intimates, and the photography by both herself and by several photographers is all quite well done; far above most amateur porn sites. Her writing is what I ended up enjoying [although she is a very sexy and attractive model, and I enjoyed them very much as well]. Her musings on current events, feminism, and other things are interesting, intelligent, and worth reading.

That review completely made my day.

In addition to these two great things, I've also been reading up on other feminist blogs. You can read my picks by clicking the links to the left entitled "Other Sexy and Feminist Blogs." I also recommend going to this site for an official list of "The Top Ten Blogs on Feminism and Women's Rights."

The cherry on top of this huge prize-winning, nicely-reviewed, blog-reading sundae is that I finally got a job! In conclusion, it's a good day.

Photography by Al. Taken in April, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Bravo


That must feel good.

Keep up the good work.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

Forgot to sing the last post:)

It's from me Anne

3:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

shameless self promotion

6:15 PM  
Candy said...

Thanks Anne.

Anon- Amen to that.

7:20 PM  
Scott said...

Happy dance for Sexy Sassy Candy! Whohoo!

11:33 AM  
Amy Guth said...

Candy, you're absolutely gorgeous. Cheers on this wonderful, fearless blog. I'd love to throw you a link on my blog, if that's alright with you...?

11:47 PM  
Candy said...

scott: thanks!

amy: link away.

11:53 PM  
John said...

Nice Blog.


I too take off my clothes for a living.

8:36 PM  
a feminist said...

Congratulations . You provide a nice way of expressing your sexuality and that is one aspect of feminism, but who are you beneath the nudity, the skin, What are you giving back to the women who paved the street that you stride your body, nudity, does your vagina add to the others before you? Keep Roaring, keep growing and learning about your feminity, keep adding, and asking...what am I giving back to my Virginia Wolfe and what am I adding for someone's baby when I am gone.

Best regards!! ROAR ON!!!

10:23 PM  

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