Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bad News.

Bad news, everyone. This blog will have to be taken down. I've received some very sad information that I was previously unaware of.

Apparently, feminists don't pose.

I hope I still get to keep my membership card.

Photography by Domenic. August, 2006.


photomercenary said...

No you absolutely may NOT keep your membership card - it's over.

In fact, just the other day someone told me that a male could not be a feminist. The only alternative for me was to become a misogynist, so I stopped cooking and cleaning and told my gf that she would have to quit her job so that she could be home in time to cook me dinner.

Good thing we found out in time, eh?

8:19 PM  
Daniel Haughton said...

Candy, I try to be polite with my commentary. I truly do. I try to be well-spoken and erudite and generally interesting enough for you to continue posting my commentary.

So with that in mind, I beg you to forgive me this lapse in decorum.


Who died and made THEM Goddess?

I am genuinely angry at that sort of mind-numbing ignorance and aside from those two cliched comebacks, I can't think of a damned thing to say!

10:25 PM  
Candy said...

Daniel: did you even click on the link and read the actual blog entry?

12:22 AM  
Daniel Haughton said...

I did. I'm not angry with Feministing, but the people they were talking about.

2:14 AM  
B said...

I read it. And a lot of the responses. I even read part of Althouse's blog. Here's what I think:

Althouse has REALLY stepped in it. She's even getting blasted on her own blog. Opinions seem to be like 4:1 against her.

She seems to have a Anne Coulter tone to her writing that suggests there will be no apologies, even if she realizes she was wrong.

The photo in question is totally innocent. No cleavage, no back arching, no sensuous, come-hither smile. I guess Jessica is supposed to wear a burqa to satisfy the orthodoxy of Althouse, who seems to be attacking her from a crypto-political basis.

The comment from Althouse about Jessica flattering herself (about Jessica's natural good looks) shows just how low she will go in a dispute.

10:53 PM  
empowered sexuality said...

When the website works I'll look at it. No your not supposed to appear naked in front of strangers because a real woman wears a burqa as Allah says to do. Im tuning into your blog after you talked about mine and I was scared to death that someone bothers to read it. I'll think about ideas more.

4:40 PM  
M said...

I think Candy you should make your own club with your own membership card even if it's just for one person, the one that matters most: yourself. Who cares if people blast you? And what is feminism these days anyway? As long as one woman blasts another woman in THAT way (see link you provided), feminism has failed. Feminism wasn't born to be a sanctimonius Women Insitute self righteous theoretical bullshite. It was born to LIBERATE women and LIBERATE men. But it seems to me that the women who think are liberated (see again the link you provided) are in fact the ones who are building the heaviest chains.

2:46 PM  
Candy said...

M- I have no idea what you're talking about.

3:17 PM  
B said...

Ann finally closed her thread about the subject. I think she was tired of getting zinged and selectively responding to the critical posts that she could actually contest. The phrase "retreat and declare victory" is pretty appropriate here.

If you read Althouse's main blog page, it is all over the place and mostly unreadable. She claims to have voted for Clinton twice, which is hard to believe because she spends so much time criticizing Democrats.

11:05 PM  

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