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So, I’ve started a new blog, Candy’s Porn Picks. The purpose behind this blog is twofold: one is to spread the word about decent porn and promote it in ways other than labeling the actors as “cum guzzling barely legal sluts;” the other is to make a little money for myself through affiliate programs. […]

My boyfriend won’t call himself a feminist. He calls himself an equalist. He doesn’t feel comfortable with the term “feminism”-it’s too women-centric for his tastes.
I don’t care what he calls himself- as long as his ideas aren’t in conflict with mine. He’s also probably right- “equalism” is a great, all-encompassing term for […]

Job Hunt.

So, I’ve got to start looking for jobs. Even though I’m about to start modeling again, I don’t delude myself- there’s no way in hell that I’d ever make enough from modeling alone to support myself. So, it’s off to job hunting.
I know I have lots of skills that are valuable- I understand […]

I have to apologize for the lack of updates- I’ve been a little under the weather lately- and with all the bad, bad, terrible, horrific things going on, who can really blame me?
But anyway, I’ve decided to start shooting again in the next couple of weeks or so. If any photographers read this, I […]

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