Empowered Ignorance

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The creator of the blog Empowered Sexuality has been reading Feminism Without Clothes since its infancy. I stop in every now and then to enjoy it. He recently posted an entry about empowerment and ignorance with regards to sexuality. Read it here.

The last line of the post reads, “This woman is not empowered, she is ignorant.” And I have a problem with this.

How can we assume to know what that woman is or isn’t? She may be ignorant, she may be expressing her sexuality, she may be thinking about the money. She may be having the last laugh.

It’s a mistake to think that all people who do something remotely related to sex as a profession are expressing their sexuality. Are strippers, prostitutes, and porn starts truly expressing their own, personal sexuality? Maybe. Or it’s the money. Or the attention. Or a multitude of other reasons.

They may be ignorant, or they may not be. But the one thing they shouldn’t be is judged.

Photography by Mike, taken in June, 2006.

The 100th Post

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Welcome to the 100th post in Feminism Without Clothes. My name is Candy Poses, and this is my blog.

The decision to become a nude model is one that I don’t regret. Quite the opposite- it’s saved me from telemarketing, and allowed me to do much of what I consider work sitting around on the computer in pajama pants. I go to shoots and pose for artists. I happen to not be wearing clothes while I do this. I go home, and I hope that I’ve made enough to pay the rent and buy food. And, usually, I have, but not by much.

Yet, I wonder- has this hurt my ability to be taken seriously?

It’s one thing to be praised among the sex-positive feminists of the internet. But what about the other feminists?

Would the women at NOW be proud of me? What about the staff of Ms. Magazine? What about the gals over at Feministing? Do they like me? I see myself as one of them- but how do they see me?

I’ve considered dividing this blog into two- one for the feminism, and one for a photoblog. That way, I could blog about feminism all I liked- and have a chance that my blog might actually be seen in the same light as other awesome, feminist blogs out there.

By adding pictures to what I write, I sometimes feel as if I’m taking away from my point, whatever that is.

I’m linked on foreign blogs full of masturbating women- but I doubt I’ll ever be linked from I Blame the Patriarchy.

Here’s a naked picture.

Photography by Gary, taken in August, 2006.

xxx, the no-show photographer.

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As a couple of my previous entries have indicated, I have recently had a run-in with a photographer.

Or, rather, a lack of a run-in. See this entry, and this entry.

I’d write this off as a loss, label it as a “learning experience,” and move on- but I spent over 200 dollars that I couldn’t afford to spend.

And, xxx, if you’re reading this- and I know you are- this email with identifying information isn’t coming down until I receive a money order for $450 in the mail. Considering that the agreed-upon amount was $750, I feel that I’m being more than generous.

You’ve stood up the wrong model and feminist.

From: “xxxxxxxx” (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
To: xxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: model.
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:44:43 +0000


I guess I’ll go ahead and answer this while awaiting to see if the Zip files made it …

I had actually seen some of your work online with Bob Coulter, etc, and thought you’d make a great art model, but I also made a dumb assumption you were a NY area model.
I also read a blog that you have, but it made comments about Canada, but I don’t think I ever read anything about you being in DC.
Anyway … it’s nice to see that you’re somewhat local. :)

I don’t shoot anything for the WWW - I have a gallery in xxxxxxxxxxxxx

It’s not a problem you don’t drive - some models don’t. I’ve used Amtrak many times myself and the fares/rails vary in price from about $50-90 I think it varies upon the actual rail you select or if you use business class. Anyway .. I’ve always offered models $750 for a day shoot which would cover transportation and a hotel room. Usually, as part of the shoot, I’ll shoot a model where she’s staying.

Obviously, I shoot nudes and some erotic content, but I don’t get into the “spread shots” or more adult work. So, we’re on the same page there.

xxxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
A couple of regular models I shoot.




Photography by Simon, July 2006.

Me and Pornography.

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Why don’t I do porn? I’m already naked- a little more and I could be making a lot more.

There are several reasons, none of which have to do with morality. I believe that it’s unethical to hurt people intentionally; I believe that there’s nothing unethical about getting it on for the camera and some cash.

The first reason is my comfort level. I’m uncomfortable spreading my legs and showing pink intentionally, as well as with posing with people I don’t know. So, I don’t do those things. I can only imagine that having sex with people I don’t know would be extremely difficult to pull off without spreading my legs at least part of the time- not to mention that whole comfort thing.

The second reason is because, from what I can tell, pornography is a very easy field to burn out in. Any job is, but sex has added to and enriched my life- I feel that by making it my career, I run a big risk of becoming burned out- and losing, for at least a little while, something that I consider to be life-affirming.

The third reason is that I worry about safety and health- shooting nudes with photographers is risky enough. Shooting hardcore pornography strikes me as even riskier- and, add to that the risk of STDs and pregnancy; if you’re smart, it’s greatly reduced- but it’s there.

The fourth and final reason- I just don’t think that I’m talented enough. No, really. I have trouble smiling for the camera without looking like I’m plotting revenge- how in god’s name am I supposed to fake an orgasm?


Photography by Bob Coulter, June 2006.

Do as I say…

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What I find interesting about outspoken feminists- and I suppose it’s true for other outspoken something-ists, as well- is that there’s a deep undercurrent of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

I’m also speaking from a personal level.

The advice I gave to my friends- who often came to me specifically because I gave good, girl-positive advice, I’ve promptly thrown to the wind again and again. Sometimes I’ve come out alright, sometimes not.

It’s so easy to parade about, to want to revolutionize society- and to want to judge other women who don’t see eye to eye with you on what equality really means, or how to go about achieving it.

My belief is that part of today’s feminism has to be on a personal level. It’s one thing to keep pushing for easy access to birth control, to march against sexism in the workplace, to tell your friend to “dump that motherfucking loser who makes you feel worse, not better, about yourself.”

It’s another thing to look in the mirror and like how you look, and, more importantly, who you are.

I often find it fascinating to look over this blog and read the more political, preachy entries- I feel that if people really knew how I acted and felt, and the contrast between the ideal and the reality, that my carefully-written entries would dissolve into a meaningless puddle of mere letters.

Photography by John, August 2006.

My theory.

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I had actually seen some of your work online with Bob Coulter, etc, and thought you’d make a great art model, but I also made a dumb assumption you were a NY area model. I also read a blog that you have, but it made comments about Canada, but I don’t think I ever read anything about you being in DC.

I have a theory about what happened with the no-show photographer.

Usually I screen these things well- this was someone who I was in constant contact with and who was familiar with other local models.

We had exchanged text messages as recently as three hours before I arrived for a day’s worth of shooting.

No one was there. I called repeatedly- no answer. I headed to the hotel via cab- what else could I do? I had to take Amtrak down to the shoot, as I don’t drive.

Why would someone who expressed a good deal of interest in shooting me just not show up?

Like I said, I have a theory. I think he did show up.

I think he saw me get off the train, makeup less and in faded clothes, and decided that I wasn’t worth the money.


Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

Part One of…Two?

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Like the message I left on your phone said, I’m going to have to require that you mail me a money order for a total of 450 dollars in order to cover transportation, food, and lodging costs, as well as a “cancellation” fee.

I will be giving you ten days in which to do this. My mailing address is:

Somewhere in the dc area.

I expect to receive a money order in the mail no later than Thursday of next week.

I feel that I am being extremely generous with both the amount I’m requiring as well as the ten day grace period in which you have to mail it.

Like I said in the voice mail I left on your phone, my blog, Feminism Without Clothes, receives hundreds of hits every day, many of whom are regular readers.

I will not hesitate to post the details of our emails(all of which I have saved) as well as all of the personal information you have provided me with if you choose to ignore my extremely reasonable request.

-Candy Poses.


Photography by Joshua, June 2006.

The Magic Age.

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Why is 18 the magic age?

All of a sudden, in the US, with the exception of alcohol, all the adult freedoms out there are accessible. Porn, cigarettes, sex with anyone else over 18, voting, getting married…all ours for the taking and doing, once we turn 18.

What’s the essential difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old that makes things so different?

I’m going to speak specifically about nudity for a moment. This blog, in my eyes, is off limits to those under 18- I don’t want underage people reading this and looking at the pictures. Why? Simple. Legal reasons- I don’t want to get in trouble.

But is there really anything on here that’s inappropriate for a 17 year old- or younger? The vast majority of the pictures here are art nudes- although, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- porn is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to see something as porn, you will. I’m of the opinion that my words could be much more corrupting to minors- although, that might just be wishful thinking.

There’s such depth and differences between individuals, and how they grow and change- because there’s no real way to measure this, there’s a set age that hopefully works for everyone. What I find troubling about this is that because there’s a set, defined age, it seems as if there’s a black and white phenomenon happening.

Why is it that a 17 year old “can’t” view pornography on the internet, but at 18 can star in internet pornography?

I understand why a set age is necessary, legally speaking- but I don’t think that, culturally, it needs to be applied quite like it is. No, I’m not saying that 17 year olds should star in pornography.

But, I am saying that people have to be looked at as individuals- regardless of their age, and be treated as such.


Photography by Bob Coulter, June 2006.

UPDATE: Right after the posting of this entry, I learned that Plan B has finally been approved as an over-the-counter drug! It’s about time!

However, and how appropriate for this post- it’s only approved OTC for women 18 and over- despite the fact that there is no medical reason for this restriction. What made 18 the magic age?

Protected: Rest in Peace.

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Blogging and obligations.

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I’ve been giving some thought to this blog, and how I feel about it.

Some people believed that asking if I was losing weight was an appropriate comment- I didn’t. A 15 year old identified himself as such and continued to make comments, eventually revealing (or pretending to reveal) personal information. A long-time reader made multiple requests for a type of picture, even after I explained that I wasn’t working with that photographer at the moment, and eventually deemed me rude for not obeying her commands.

Exactly what have I opened myself up to here? Should I be gracious that I have returning readers and fans who have specific requests and concerns- but am I allowed to be annoyed when they express them in a way I find offensive? Am I under a type of obligation?

I want to be a nice person, but a big part of me wants to explain that I’m doing this optionally. I post when and what I want. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to.

Where is the line between politeness and saying, “look, you’re getting naked pictures, stfu?”

Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

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