Body Image: Shyly

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In one of my first posts, I made a list of beautiful women. One of them was a nude model who goes by the name Shyly. I thought, in light of the entry regarding my insecurity over comments about my weight as well as my series of posts dedicated to body image, it was time to give Shyly her very own piece in Feminism Without Clothes.

So, Shyly’s a nude model. So am I. And a whole lot of other people are, too. What makes her different? I’m sure there are many things- but here’s one: she weighs 320 pounds.

It’s not her weight in and of itself that’s important, in my eyes. It’s that she realizes and proves that fat women- and she refers to herself as fat on her site, The Beauty Curve- can be beautiful, and sexy, and naked, all at the same time. And, in our society, that’s quite an accomplishment.

She refers to what she’s doing as “size activism”- a bit misleading in my eyes. It seems to imply that it only benefits people of size. Like feminism, in my opinion, it improves the lives of everyone, not just the large.

So, thank you.

Photography by Craig Morey; model: Shyly.

Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

Body Image: Ella

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You may or may not be surprised, but I’m a huge fan of BME, also known as the Body Modification Ezine. It was there that, about a year or so ago, I ran across a model named Ella.

I am in utter awe of how gorgeous she is. I think her story and pictures speak for themselves.

And now for a picture of me- the following was created with a pinhole camera- the first time I’ve shot with someone who’s used one.

Photography by John, August 2006.

Body Image: Girl Culture.

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I’ve decided to do a series of posts regarding body image- I’ve had a lot of great things just waiting to be mentioned. Here’s the first of what will be at least three separate entries on this topic.

A couple of years ago I happened upon a book entitled Girl Culture, by photographer Lauren Greenfield.

Recently, I discovered the online exhibit of Girl Culture.

According to the artist, “Girl Culture has been my journey as a photographer, as an observer of culture, as part of the media, as a media critic, as a woman, as a girl.”

I finding it to be haunting. Visit it, and decide for yourself.

Photography by Joshua, June 2006.

Weighing on my Mind.

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are you losing weight

This comment was left on my blog, and I was surprised at how much it hurt. Every once in a while someone will leave a comment that rubs me the wrong way- I’ll either ignore it, or attempt to reply politely to it.

You’d think, especially with my other website, I’d have a thicker skin.

A friend pointed out that this may have been meant as a compliment: “Hey, you look great! Have you been losing weight?” But, it doesn’t seem like that.

I’m aware that by posting these pictures I’m opening myself up to critique, and that I should probably expect it.

That said…what makes a person think that that kind of comment is appropriate? Just because I post this kind of content does not mean that’s it’s acceptable to bluntly inquire about things that are, frankly, none of your damn business.

I can’t help but notice the irony about my weight being commented on in a blog about feminism. It’s enough inspiration for several blog entries.

So, anonymous commenter curious about my weight, is there any way you can give a reason for posting that, besides the fact that you’re nosy?


Photography by Bob Coulter, June 2006.

Where do I need to be?

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I sometimes get offers for TFP/CD (Time for prints/cd- I get paid with free images to use in my portfolio) that I’m just not interested in- and, I know that photographers have gotten similar offers from me that they’re just not interested in. They probably would have written back. I try and respond to people I don’t want to work with at the moment- just to say thanks for their interest.

Recently, I wrote back to one such photographer. He wrote back saying that he could add to my portfolio, and “help you to get where you need to be.” I thought this was an odd thing to say, and asked him where he thought I needed to be.

I don’t even know where I need to be.

Regardless, he didn’t tell me.

Photography by Gary, taken in July, 2006.

21 Years and Counting!

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It’s my birthday! I’m starting the twenty-first year of my life wondering about how I can make more money without trying, being depressed about the state of the world, and pondering the future in general.

I recently had a photographer say that he wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for with regards to building my portfolio- did I want to primarily be an art model, or did I have something else in mind? It was a good question.

No one had really asked me exactly where I was planning on going in a while. Well, if they did, it went in one ear and out the other. I suppose I’d like a secure source of income eventually. And maybe to go back to school. And perhaps a job related to activism. Or art. Or both.

As to modeling, and where I’m going with it- photographers, feel free to email, and we’ll discuss further.

Photography by Mike, taken in June, 2006.

Also, do admire the new banner at the top of the blog!

…and I’m back.

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I’m back from Vancouver. I had a great time, although it’s nice to not feel obligated to apologize for Bush quite so much. Here are some pictures; I’m guessing that the second will be a bigger hit than the first.

Photography by Simon, July 2006.

Candy in Canada.

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I’m off for a couple of days to Vancouver. If you don’t hear back from me, the free healthcare, plentiful weed, and lower drinking age has seduced me into a world of liberal sin, and I’ve decided to stay.

Photography by Mike, taken in June, 2006.

Protected: Silence.

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Feminism Without Clothes: Six Months Old!

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Well, well. It’s the six month anniversary of Feminism Without Clothes, as well as just about two weeks shy of my 21st birthday.

A lot of crappy stuff has happened concerning women and women’s rights, both in the United States and around the world. Enough to ensure another six months of rants from me, unfortunately.

But, let’s not focus on the bad. Here’s what’s good that’s happened in the previous six months in this blog. There’s My First Time, Fuck You Feminism, the Coco Monologues, My Doin’ Good Sundae, Who Me?, Scarleteen, Walmart Ordered to Carry Plan B and the Good Bush.

And, I have a super special bonus picture surprise. At the beginning of this blog, I wrote that I had never modeled since November or so of 2005. Which is still technically true.

My then-partner didn’t like these pictures, as they were taken by the partner before him. So, I decided not to post them, out of respect for our relationship. Although a part of me will always love him- there is no longer a reason not to show these photos.

So, enjoy.

Taken Fall 2004 by J.

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