Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is not...

This is not my art.

I love being in beautiful images, and sharing them with people. That's one of the reasons this blog is here. And I am an artist(or at least someone who enjoys doing art).

But I feel the need to draw the line and say: this is not my art.

My art was my now-deceased menstruation site. My art is the paintings I don't share with most people because I'm so critical of them. My art is the wood sculpture that I spent hours and hours sandpapering. My art is the photoset of myself up on the website

What I post here? I can't claim it as my own. There's a reason there's a reference to a photographer at the bottom of each image.

The reason is because they're the artists. Not me.

Photography by Domenic. August, 2006.


Gary M Photo said...

I think you certainly participate in the making of the art to a large degree, especially with the better figure work I've seen of yours. Unless you are sitting like a lump of clay and the photographer positions every part of you and molds you to his vision, you the model are an artist. Is a violinist not an artist because he/she did not compose the piece being performed? I'd say that because you're being photographed rather than painted or sketched, good modeling is a form of performance art, approaching dance combined with a form of self-sculpture, in a sense.

Paraphrasing a comment on a previous post, art is more about the manner in which something is done, rather than the method of doing of it. Someone sitting for a class picture or a snapshot at a picnic is the subject of a photo, but a true model can move and express and pose in ways that complement and enhance what the photographer is attempting to do. A good photographer can direct almost any subject into poses that will result in art, and a lousy photographer can take a great model's poses and make them look dreadful. The magic happens when a model with an artistic sensibility connects with a photographic artist.

Deny it all you like, but from all I've seen and experienced, you definitely bring that artistic sense to a shoot, and that's why you're able to get such great results and why so many photographers ask you back. I feel fortunate to have been there when you first decided to unlock this potential in yourself, and I hope to work with you again now that your confidence and experience have caught up with your artistic sense and beauty.

4:51 PM  
mnmjr. said...

I also disagree. In my view, the model is every bit the artist [perhaps moreso in some ways] as the photographer/painter/sculptor who renders the image. Without the model's energy, input, creativity and patience, the art would not exist.

Those who deny the model's status as co-creator [and there are many of them] are the ones who are fooling themselves.

7:02 PM  
Richard said...

I have shots from some models who were very artistic. In my mind they brought so much to the shoot and the images that they rightly deserved to be called artists. Other turn up and have to be moulded like the clay that Gary refers to, these are more like human mannikins and are not what I would call artists.

You decide which you are; an active participent or a mannikin !

3:15 AM  
B said...

Your ISM stuff had the best photos of you I've seen -- particularly the face. The color was so vivid. Your eyes looked so alive. I love it when the model in a photo looks like they are enjoying themselves.

I almost wondered how you were able to pull that off yourself -- from a technical standpoint. On ISM, are you allowed to use a tripod/remote/timer as part of the setup?

9:11 AM  
adam said...

err I'd quite like to see your photos on ISM but using the search I couldn't find you under candy poses and didn't know what else to search under
i sometimes worry about the compatibility of feminism and pornography so although what you do is clearly not pornography you make your stance clear on the blog which goes some way to appease my conscience

10:03 AM  
Candy said...


My name on ism is Kandice.

8:55 PM  
adam said...

tour ISM pics are cool and thank you for the myspace add 8-)

9:05 PM  
B said...

The ISM photos were the only reason I signed up with them. I let it expire because Candy didn't put up any more photos.

The closeups of the face and the bright-red head of hair were just so cool. It is great to see a photo of someone who looks so full of life.

It kind of makes sense. The other photographers are trying to capture a concept and Candy is there to enable it. But when she took the ISM photos, it was a person basically saying, "this is me and how I see myself". At least that is how I took it.

In the unlikely event that you ever submit something to them again, it would be great if you mention it here. I would sign up for another three months, just to see it.

10:04 AM  
Moraxian said...

In most photos, the model isn't the artist in the making of the photo. That said, models who are also artists usually make for better models because they understand artistic concepts and can buy into the idea that the artist has and help make the art that much better.

I would say that while I consider my photos to be an artform, a lot of people don't consider them to be that (they see it as content for a semi-adult paysite...which it is, but that's another posting and another debate.) But when you, and other models who are artists work with me, I can truly see that what comes out of the creative process as art.

12:31 PM  

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