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All well in Candyland.

Things are going pretty well in Candyland. See Candy Bleed is in good health, and is going to be mentioned in an art magazine that comes out in May. Feminism without Clothes has also gotten positive feedback.
I worried when I launched both this weblog and See Candy Bleed that I would run out […]

Earlier this year I wrote about my frustration with having to go get the “morning after pill” after a contraception failure. Today I’m also writing about emergency contraception, but on a much more positive note.
Walmart has been order to stock emergency contraception in its Massachusetts pharmacies. I was absolutely thrilled to hear […]

My new look.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Among other things, my sweetheart Ricky gave me a special haircut.

Photo by me, February 2006. Mohawk by Ricky.

So cute!

Finally Ricky got in front of the camera with me, instead of always being behind it (or to the side of it, carrying my stuff and being a lookout in case of police).
I get so happy looking at these pictures- this shoot was the most fun I ever had with a photographer other than Ricky(no […]

Me in panties.

I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m taking a class about how to use photoshop. As a result, I have been able to revive this image of me in cute panties.




I thought I’d post a preview photo of what I know will be one of my most favorite image sets, ever.

Photography by Patrick; January 2006. Models: Candy and Ricky.

I was recently directed to the sites One Angry Girl and No Porn Pledge by some readers. I have to admit that I agree with a lot of what they say. I find a lot of porn distasteful and demeaning to women. But, what gets me is that they fail to define […]

My boyfriend pointed out a while ago that one could interpret this blog as merely a tease- you think you’re getting naked photos, but in return, you’re forced to read a feminist viewpoint. And, I guess he has a point.
So, why does this blog exist, and why does it combine nudity and feminism? […]

Plan B.

I’ve been debating whether I should write about this in my blog or not- and I decided that if I really want to keep an online journal entitled “Feminism Without Clothes,” I should be willing to bare not only my physical self, but, every once in a while, my personal life.
The morning I went with […]