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Good and Bad.

So, I have good and bad news in the cyberworld of Candy.
The bad: Paypal has suspended my account. Read about it here. Basically, I’m too sexy for paypal donations. Oh paypal, up yours.
The good: The article to be published in an art magazine about See Candy Bleed is now up on their […]

Go Daddy.

I’m not sure whether you watched the Superbowl or not- I did, although I fell asleep during part of it. I’m not a big football fan- I remember the ads much, much better. Well, that and the frightening gyrations of Mick Jagger’s pelvis.
One of the more notable ads was Go Daddy’s, featuring a […]

Just a small note.

I’m still on the job hunt, and even got all dressed up today to go see about a possible employment opportunity(I doubt they’ll call me back). Any way, I snapped a picture of me all gussied up. This is what Candy on the prowl for a normal, everyday job looks like.

And, yes, if […]

Exploitation- Part 2.

As I”ve previously blogged, I’ve started a porn blog and have been worried about being part of this big exploitation problem of sexuality and objectification. Well, I’m not that worried anymore- at least not to the extent that I once was.
Why? Because I’ve recently recalled and looked up a conversation on a messageboard […]

Who Me?

I’ve recently discovered that this is one of the blogs that Susie Bright reads. I was merely googling “feminism without clothes” (ah, vanity), when I happened upon this link. Sure, I’m only one of 37, but still…sometimes I feel as if no one reads this, but things continually happen that surprise […]

Roe vs. Wade for men.

So, there’s a new lawsuit being prepared by a men’s activist group being called Roe vs. Wade for men. Basically, a man who didn’t want children slept with a woman who assured him that she was physically unable to get pregnant- and it turns out that she wasn’t, in fact, sterile. She gave […]

I thought I’d dedicate an entry to Scarleteen, a sex ed resource for teenagers. I’ve recently written about the lack of decent sex education in school, and I’m eternally grateful that there are incredibly wonderful, informative sites like Scarleteen out there, making up for the general crap that current day health classes have to […]

My controversy.

You may or may not remember that I’ve previously blogged about shooting an image set with Ricky, and not being able to find anyone who wanted to post it on their website. The photoshoot in this case was simply me being cute and taking off a red slip in the sunlight. I never […]

South Dakota

You may or may not have noticed(my money’s on may not) that I haven’t written an entry dedicated to what’s happened in South Dakota.
It’s not for lack of trying. I haven’t lived that long, and I’m not sure how to articulate how I feel about it.
I think the best way to sum up this […]

Health Class

I sometimes think back to the obligatory semester of “health” I was required to take my sophomore year of high school. These thoughts are almost always accompanied by the phrase “what the hell?” I cannot think of a class that was more pointless or mind-numbing, not to mention, on occasion, misinforming. This […]

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