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Banned Books Week

It’s not too late…there’s still one more day of Banned Books Week left! So, grab your favorite banned book (here are some recommendations), and start reading. My pick: To Kill a Mockingbird.

Photography by John, August 2006.
P.S. I think that it’s important that as many people as possible know how hairy I am. […]

Everyone loses.

Guess what, everyone? It’s super fun guessing game time!
Today’s game: what ethnic group will Senator George Allen (R) of Virginia insult next!?
Now, do keep in mind that you can’t pick Jews, East Indians, or blacks- Allen has already revealed his true feelings about them to the world.
Also, Arabs don’t count.
So, who’s next? Hispanics? […]

I’ve got a fairly good political entry prepped- dripping with sarcasm. However, I thought I’d give everyone an update about my life: I’m going to be doing some traveling.
I’m going to be in New York City for the second week in October, and in Vancouver for the last. I’m going to be in Seattle for […]

Way back when, I wrote a post regarding why this blog is here. Here’s an excerpt from it that I’ll be expanding on today:
The third reason is to give a voice to something that is often objectified- the nude body. Whether it’s porn, art, or in between, these figures are usually silent. I know […]


I’m a hairy gal. It’s thick, coarse, and black, and can be found on my pubic area, arms, legs, above my eyes, under my arms, and, it’s looking like, my upper lip. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad.
I’ve blogged before about having bush- something a lot of nude models don’t have- and how […]

I recently stumbled upon a list of the Top Ten Worst People in the Bush Administration. According to this guy, they are:
1. George W. Bush, President
2. Dick Cheney, Vice President
3. Karl Rove, Chief Political Adviser to the President
4. Don Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
5. Paul Wolfowitz, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense
6. David Addington, Chief of […]

Bad News.

Bad news, everyone. This blog will have to be taken down. I’ve received some very sad information that I was previously unaware of.
Apparently, feminists don’t pose.
I hope I still get to keep my membership card.

Photography by Domenic. August, 2006.

The High Road.

Recently, I outed a no-show photographer. I posted identifying information, including his email address and phone number.
After some reflection, I’ve decided to edit this information out of my entry regarding this photographer. No, he hasn’t sent me the money that I’ve lost. And I still think that the bastard had it coming.
But…I […]

White Girl.

There are some issues I will never quite understand. I can rant and rave about poverty and racism all I like- but the fact is, I’m a rich white girl born into an ideal situation.
A lot of women in third wave feminism have pointed out that second wave feminism, for all the good that […]

Empowered Ignorance

The creator of the blog Empowered Sexuality has been reading Feminism Without Clothes since its infancy. I stop in every now and then to enjoy it. He recently posted an entry about empowerment and ignorance with regards to sexuality. Read it here.
The last line of the post reads, “This woman is not […]

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