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My theory.

I had actually seen some of your work online with Bob Coulter, etc, and thought you’d make a great art model, but I also made a dumb assumption you were a NY area model. I also read a blog that you have, but it made comments about Canada, but I don’t think I ever read […]

Part One of…Two?

Like the message I left on your phone said, I’m going to have to require that you mail me a money order for a total of 450 dollars in order to cover transportation, food, and lodging costs, as well as a “cancellation” fee.
I will be giving you ten days in which to do this. […]

The Magic Age.

Why is 18 the magic age?
All of a sudden, in the US, with the exception of alcohol, all the adult freedoms out there are accessible. Porn, cigarettes, sex with anyone else over 18, voting, getting married…all ours for the taking and doing, once we turn 18.
What’s the essential difference between a 17 year old and […]

Rest in Peace.

I think it’s time I wrote something about this in my blog. My online art project, SeeCandyBleed, has been taken down for personal reasons.
You know, it’s really breaking my heart. That site had been up for at least eight months, if not more. It seems dumb to be upset over something like this, but I […]

I’ve been giving some thought to this blog, and how I feel about it.
Some people believed that asking if I was losing weight was an appropriate comment- I didn’t. A 15 year old identified himself as such and continued to make comments, eventually revealing (or pretending to reveal) personal information. A […]

Body Image: Shyly

In one of my first posts, I made a list of beautiful women. One of them was a nude model who goes by the name Shyly. I thought, in light of the entry regarding my insecurity over comments about my weight as well as my series of posts dedicated to body image, it […]

Body Image: Ella

You may or may not be surprised, but I’m a huge fan of BME, also known as the Body Modification Ezine. It was there that, about a year or so ago, I ran across a model named Ella.

I am in utter awe of how gorgeous she is. I think her story and pictures […]

I’ve decided to do a series of posts regarding body image- I’ve had a lot of great things just waiting to be mentioned. Here’s the first of what will be at least three separate entries on this topic.
A couple of years ago I happened upon a book entitled Girl Culture, by photographer Lauren Greenfield. […]

are you losing weight
This comment was left on my blog, and I was surprised at how much it hurt. Every once in a while someone will leave a comment that rubs me the wrong way- I’ll either ignore it, or attempt to reply politely to it.
You’d think, especially with my other website, I’d have a […]

I sometimes get offers for TFP/CD (Time for prints/cd- I get paid with free images to use in my portfolio) that I’m just not interested in- and, I know that photographers have gotten similar offers from me that they’re just not interested in. They probably would have written back. I try and respond […]