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Another picture.

So, I’m not sure what to blog about. Life is good, personally. I’m slowly but surely getting better from a devastating breakup. There’s a shoot with someone I’m really looking forward to on Friday- I’m going all the way up to NYC for it! I’m loving my new place(I’ve been living […]

My First Time…

No, not that first time, pervs.
My first actual photoshoot. I was really lucky to have worked with a great photographer. He’s just started a new blog, so I thought I’d not only link to him, but let everyone know that even though I was very nervous, as only boyfriends had photographed me before, […]


I’m currently (sort of) making a living doing something that can be interpreted as risky. I very, very rarely go to shoots with an escort, and a lot of the people I shoot with I’ve met that same day.
However, in the eight or so months that I’ve been modeling, I’ve never had a negative […]

“I’m not a feminist, but…”
We’ve all heard that before, and it always, always wants to make me scream. God forbid that someone should be considered a feminist, of all things! And it’s nearly almost always followed by some utterly common sense statement- that is, of course, feminist.
Well, I’ve got some bad news for […]

Nudity vs. Sexuality.

So, I’ve decided that my job sucks. And that I’m not going to do it anymore. So, I’ve quit.
Of course, there is the whole issue of rent and food, which I don’t see going away anytime in the future. I’ve started helping my landlord/housemate with some of his workload for credit towards […]

Stand Up.

When I was 15, an “abstinence only” educator was brought in to give a special presentation to each of the health classes in my public high school.
The grand finale of her little “don’t have sex” performance was a metaphor involving tape.
Masking tape. You know, the sticky kind. Tape.
Her argument was this:
When you have […]


I’ve been studying my modeling skills. Besides maybe needing to tone up a little, the only thing that really needs work is my facial expressions. This is kind of ironic, because in real life, I’m such an expressive person. I use my face and my voice and gestures to make sure that […]

Before I begin, let me stress that this is not, in any way, shape or form, a personal ad. I do not want to sleep with you. And, yes, this is from my other website. So what?
It looks as if I’m going to be entering singledom again. I’m not going to go over […]