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The word “feminist” carries a lot of negative connotations.  A lot of people associate it with lesbianism (and not the “hot” kind found in pornography produced by and for men), unshaven armpits, and anger.  It’s also associated with ugly.
I worry that, by labeling myself a feminist in such a public manner, I’m hurting my marketability […]


In three months, I will be doing something the likes of which I have never done before.
I’m going to be moving from the Washington, DC area.
I will be going to Seattle.
The idea of moving is so huge- and has always been inconcievable for my entire adult life.  I’ve lived a long time with the mindset, […]

The Century Project.

My friend and housemate Marisa sent me these link with a sentence starting “you may already know about this book…”
I did already know, but thank you for reminding me.

From an article about photographer Frank Cordelle and the Century Project:
The gist of his project, he explains, is to document women of all ages as they truly […]

New and Improved!

Welcome to the new and improved Feminism Without Clothes!  I’m finally hosting my own blog again, and enjoying the sexiness that is wordpress.  The URL for this blog is (although other pages will now redirect to it), so if you’re going to link to me, that’s the one to use.


Photograph by Martini, October […]

I know most of the time I like being a model. But sometimes, I just feel so bad about what I do. “Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? Something where you use your brain and not your tits? Something where you actually help people?”
I write about how what I do isn’t […]

Saying No

I’ve been debating about whether or not I should write about this incident. I’ve decided to, but leave it intentionally vague.
At a recent shoot, something happened that I wasn’t comfortable with. True, I never specifically said, “I’m uncomfortable with this” before the shoot- but I felt that it was something I should have been told […]

Pimping(!?) $pread

Waking Vixen Audacia Ray, who was kind enough to not only send me fan mail when I was just crawling out into the cyberworld of getting naked but meet me for sandwiches in NYC as well, is the executive editor of $pread Magazine. From their mission statement:
$pread is a quarterly, glossy magazine by […]

In a blog I frequent, the topic regarding empowerment and the rise of raunch culture was brought up. The question “why are women trying to empower themselves by acting like men?” was asked.
My thoughts: what men are these women hanging out with?
I know for a fact that not all men are horny, sex-crazed frat […]

Is it ethical for a photographer to date a model?
In my eyes, it’s morally shaky territory- especially when money changes hands.
Would I, personally, date a photographer? I’m currently in a relationship, so it’s not an issue that’s on the table. But what if I wasn’t involved with someone?
My thoughts on the matter used to be […]

Sex and Photography

I was recently reduced to posting to my local Washington, DC craigslist in search of work. I shouldn’t be so mean to craigslist- it’s an awesome resource. But, on with the story.
Within one email exchange the following came up:
I’m married and discretion is a must. Weekdays work best for me as I […]

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