Here are My Tits/Happy Holidays

I know most of the time I like being a model. But sometimes, I just feel so bad about what I do. “Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? Something where you use your brain and not your tits? Something where you actually help people?”

I write about how what I do isn’t personally my art, and how I’m not empowered by it- and they absolutely refuse to believe it. They say that I’m wrong, that it is my art, and that I am empowered by it.

And here’s the joke- I’m this feminist in the blogosphere. My blog is getting more and more hits per day- over 800 or so on average, as of today.

Happy holidays.

Photography by toan thai photography, taken in November, 2006.

As promised.

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  1. on 26 Dec 2006 at 1:25 pmScotsman

    I take photographs of landscapes, cityscapes and gardens but I have avoided people photography until now because I wasn’t fully confident in my skills so I may not know what the hell I am talking about here so feel free to beat me down with a stick if you do not agree.
    I think you are partly right and partly wrong. I agree that every photography has his or her own style - so 10 photographers taking pictures of the one model will each come out with different images due to their own unique skills and style. However even some of the best photographers may stuggle to get an image that they are happy with if the model interaction isn’t there. You could say that model interaction should be down to the photographers communication skills but some people just instinctively know how to hold themsleves and interact with the camera without any visible awkwardness. Looking at your images I imagine that you might come into that category, there certainly seems to be a common warmness that is evident from your photos where there has been eye contact between yourself and the camera and that warmness is there no matter who was taking the shot. Someone like myself enjoys being behind the camera but isn’t so comfortable in front of the camera. In truth I’ve not enjoyed being in front of the camera since I was about 2 years old. Up until then I had an innocence and freedom about the way I performed in front of the camera, then I had to wear ugly brown plastic glasses and that freedom was lost even though I’ve long since since stopped wearing them. You however still seem to be able to draw on that innocence and freedom but I’m sure there are days when you have to model that you don’t really want to perfom - perhaps its cold, or you are thinking what you need at the supermarket or perhaps you had a fight with your partner moments before you got to the studio - yet from looking at your images you seem to have that ability to overcome such distractions to allow you to concentrate on the job in hand. Not everyone can do that, there are plenty of beautiful people who just don’t have that something that you possess. You only have to look at America’s Next Supermodel (is that what it’s called? You might be able to tell I haven’t really watched it) to see that there are a lot of beautiful people who although they look good they just don’t have that special something in front of the camera compared to the other models. The photographers are the same but the models are different and each model brings something extra t the table that isn’t just based on how they look.
    I suspect that the photographers who use you most often do so for a reason other than just because you look good. Maybe the more egotistical photographers will say its all their own skill but the more honest amongst them will admit that you bring something with you when you model. Anyway I’m not sure if I made my point all that clear but it was nice to comment on your blog, it wouldn’t allow me to a comment a couple of weeks back. You have nice blog and make some very interesting points, I’ll keep checking in. Oh one final point I don’t know if you are a photographer yourself but if at some point in the future you felt the desire to do something gave you showed what you were capable of creative wise then I see no reason why you can’t make a good photographer yourself. You’ve been around enough photographers and you have an insight into the mind of a model that many a photographer will never get. Learning the basics of working with a camera is easy enough but some people never develop the eye to make an image that stands out, on that regard I think you might have an advantage - you’ve seen enough images to know what works and perhaps more importantly to know what you like and you should also be able to find it easier to interact with models than some photographers who do not have that modelling experience. Perhaps if you do some photography work yourself you may reassess what you brought to the table as a model. I still say that a good model has an artistic quality about them, we may have to agree to disagree on that. Anyway enjoy the festivities and keep modelling until the enjoyment is no longer there. Never allow others to feel bad about what you do, there are far worst professions out there that do a lot of harm to others. No-one gets harmed by anything that you do and in your case I would say you add alot to the profession - just ask your photographer friends/collegues.

  2. on 30 Dec 2006 at 5:16 pmSéverine Sérizy

    Phew! That guy just left a very long, analytical comment. I’m afraid I’m not going to be as intellectual tonight. I hope this doesn’t sound vulgar, but all I wanted to do was to comment on and praise your abundance of pubic hair! Thank you! It’s pretty rare to see a photograph of a woman in the nude with a bush, and I think it is beautiful! You’re gorgeous!

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