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Candy Poses: coming soon to a studio near you!
Well, maybe. I’ve decided that the best course of action this winter would be to do some traveling. I want to get naked all across America.
My current travel plans are as follows:
12/3-12/8 Seattle (booked)
12/15-12/18 NYC
12/20-1/10 Washington DC Metro Area
1/11-1/15 Boston
1/19-1/25 LA
February- DC, Detroit, NYC
So, photographers- […]

My feminism.

This entry was a long time coming.
Being a feminist, for me, means acknowledging that there are differences between men and women, and that there are inequalities.
It means not accepting the inequalities.
It means being aware of the fact that what much of what I take for granted has been given to me by my feminist foremothers(and […]

This is not Empowering

It’s much easier to read the blog of a girl who feels empowered by nude modeling than that of a girl seeking to explore the possible conflicts between being a nude model and being a feminist.
I don’t feel empowered by nude modeling. I enjoy it, but I don’t find it empowering.
When I voted in […]

Sex Worker’s Rights.

What does it mean to support sex workers’ rights?
According to wikipedia, “most scholars define ’sex workers’ to include individuals who perform sexual or sexually oriented activities in the sex industry, such as strippers, erotic massage therapists, pornography actors and actresses, and telephone sex workers.”
I don’t consider myself to be a sex worker (although […]

Sex Positive?

I proudly identify as a sex-positive feminist- but why? I agree with a lot of what sex-positive feminism seems to be, but why do I feel the need to stress sex as it relates to feminism when there are many other areas of my life that feminism also applies to?
Anyone who really reads this […]

Maybe Chai.

I’m a 21 year old woman.
Recently, several people have asked if I’d like some coffee…or maybe hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate? What am I, ten? Does no one think I’m a full-grown adult who’s fully capable of enjoying a cup o’joe?
Now, here’s the thing:
I hate coffee. When I did get coffee, it was a […]

On November 9, 2005…

Joined: Nov 09, 2005
I created my modeling profile on the site Model Mayhem approximately one year ago. I started out with self portraits and photos taken of me by my ex, quickly followed by pictures taken of me by Gary.
Modeling has taken me to Raleigh, Richmond, Baltimore, Bellingham, and New York City, as well […]

As this blog has progressed, so has my desire to keep my personal life out of it. Yes, I’ve revealed some- but it’s all been very vague, without any real specifics.
If you go back and read my blog, at the beginning my then-boyfriend is mentioned on a regular basis.
Our break-up, the details of which […]

I swear to god, if Allen wins because of all the people who voted for the Green Party candidate, I will go outside and cut down a tree. Just watch me.
-a Virginia voter.

Photography by Restrained Photo, September 2006.

Am I really a feminist anymore?
Several recent events in my life have happened where I’ve decided, for lack of a better term, to side with a man instead of a woman.
I’ve had this mindset that “women have to stick together.” We have to believe each other. We have to unconditionally support each other.
Well, […]

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